Deltech Polymers Corporation

Deltech Polymers Corporation
  • 1250 S Union Street
  • Troy, OH, 45373
  • 937-335-5286
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Deltech Polymers is a centrally located polystyrene manufacturing facility with connections to rail and highway transportation systems. The facility houses two production lines capable of producing 350,000 pounds of material per day. The plant operates 24/7. Deltech products include crystal polystyrene, compound polystyrene, and the copolymer styrene methyl methacrylate, all of which are sold in the form of pellets. These products are used in many different applications, such as plastic dinnerware, cups and tumblers, foam products, and other custom molding and extrusion items. Deltech Polymers has a lab for quality control testing, using melt indexers, gas chromatographs, Vicat softening point testing, color analysis, and an injection molder. 

Deltech Polymers is a close-knit facility with small business values and "big company benefits". Since 1991 we have been producing quality polystyrene for a continental market, supplying both small companies and large corporations. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and dedicated to improving the quality and consistency of our products and processes to meet or exceed our customers' needs. In 2017 we earned the Owens Corning "Value Creation" award. We pride ourselves in our attentive customer and technical services and our committment to ensuring the safety and productivity of our facility. Opportunities abound as we enjoy our third consecutive year of continuous growth. Come join us and become a part of our dynamic team!