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Posted On: January 15, 2018
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Your Career Connect, the place where you can find great jobs here in the Miami County area! Many of us overlook what great opportunities are here right in our own backyard. Everyday you may pass Premier Health, Raymath, Hartzell, or even Hobart, just some of the amazing companies we have here in The Great Miami County Area.

Since you do pass them everyday, have you ever wondered what career opportunities could be open for you or someone else? Not many people do, but there are many new and exciting jobs right here that we overlook everyday. Our local companies are in need of our local talent who all to often pass by the great opportunities everyday. Our mission is to connect job seekers of all ages to careers here in Miami County.

So, go ahead and explore our website, post your resume, or create an account. Your Career Connect is here to give you an all access pass to only Miami County jobs. No more going to job websites just to look at jobs in several areas. You never know what great opportunity you may come across when exploring Your Career Connect. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and download our APP! @YRcareerconnect