Career Day 2018

Posted On: March 16, 2018
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Career Day 2018, with 40 companies and 200 students from the Miami County School District was an eventful day. The students were able to see what opportunities are open to them here in the Miami County. Many companies involved gave students an inside look at what their companies do as well as what opportunities are out there for them. Many facilitators also gave the students advice on resumes, interviewing, and how to go about reaching their goals.

With a warm welcome to the campus from Dr. Larson, students began the day exploring different companies from the Miami County area. Students also had the opportunity to do a little job fair in the middle of the day. Employers were then able to reach all the students who attended the event.

After the day was done, the students walked away with great information on how to go about reaching their goals and what opportunities are here in their own community. Many don’t see what great opportunities are here right in their own backyard, and this event let those students know that there are opportunities right here in Miami County.

A special Thank You to The Troy Foundation, Troy Area Chamber of Commerce, and The Troy Development Council.