The Beginning of State Testing

Posted On: March 26, 2018
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Every student and teacher dreads the week of State Testing. Students may spend hours studying for these tests the night before, or cram at the last-minute. These tests are always a joy when the students here, “Next week we will be starting State Testing.” Then the nerves kick in and they think, whoa maybe I should have listened in class this whole year. While others students think they have it in the bag.

State Testing has always been around but seems that it is taking more time than it use to. Students have learned all year and now is the time to see if they actually retained any information. On the plus side, there has been talk of eliminating two tests but has yet to be approved.

Good luck to all the students taking State Tests these next couple of weeks. Study hard, and on the bright side there is only two months left in the school year!