National Library Week!

Posted On: April 9, 2018
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Have you thanked the librarian for the book you have been searching hours for? If not, you need to!

It’s National Library Week!

Students rarely think about thanking the librarians for helping them look for a research, reading, or documentary book they need. With it being National Library Week, make sure to thank those wonderful librarians for all the hard work they put into making sure you get the right book you need for class. Without them who knows how long it may take you to find the book you need!
With the help of all librarians they are all here to help students and everyone else find what they need, in the wonderful world of books. It can be a struggle sometimes when you think you know where it is but you still can’t find it.
Librarians aren’t just here to help us find those wonderful books. They are also here to help us achieve our goals and improve our quality of life. You may never know what all a library has to offer you if you never go in. So, go into your local library and see what all they have to offer you from books and much more.
Make sure you thank your librarian!