Troy Christian Schools

Troy Christian High School

Troy Christian Schools, Inc. is a college and career-preparatory, inter-denominational Christian school. We are a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). The school was founded in 1980 and was chartered in 1982 by the State of Ohio as a K-8 elementary school. In the fall of 2001, Troy Christian Schools, Inc. was chartered by the State of Ohio as an 18-months-old through 12th grade school. Our enrollment is 185 for early childhood, 269 for grades K-6, and 351 for grades 7-12. We have students from 38 different school districts and 77 different churches.

Our Mission

Troy Christian Schools exists to uphold God’s truth as we assist parents in the education of their children’s minds and the transformation of their hearts in a Christ-centered learning environment.

Our Vision

Troy Christian students will be SALT in their world now. Matthew 5:13 SALT is to Speak, Act, Lead, and Think like Jesus. R2G2 Students We encourage our students to strive to be R2 G2 students. They are to have Respect, Responsibility, Gratitude, and Genuineness.


We are one of the few Christian schools in the country that provides and requires mission opportunities for all children in early childhood through 12th grade. Each class selects a group of people to serve throughout the school year.

Enrichment, Service, & Ministry Week

High school students attend non-traditional courses or trips during ESM Week. These courses and trips allow students and teachers to experience opportunities that are not possible in the traditional classroom setting and that fit their interests.

Test Scores ACT

TCHS Average* 24.6 CEEB / ACT Code: 365-106

Ohio Average 22.0

National Average 21.0

*Test scores of all students, plus those with special education plans, are included in these figures

Programs Offered at TCHS

Honors classes ~ 9, not including dual enrollment college courses Honors Vocal Ensemble

Honors French 3-Honors Spanish 3Honors English 9Honors English 10Honors Geometry Honors Algebra 2 Honors Calculus 2

11 additional on-campus dual enrollment college courses weighted as honors. Online classes available, as needed College courses through dual enrollment offered on campus~ 16

Calendar and Schedule

2 semesters / four 9-week grading periods

8:20 AM to 3:04 PM school day

42 minutes class length

8 period class day